What To Look For In A Design Agency
What to look for in a design agency


Hiring a design agency can make a huge impact on your business. it can give you a fresh perspective, new ideas, critical thinking, strategy input, and innovation implementation. All those things can radically help grow your brand.

If you are looking to partner with a creative apparel agency, here are some tips on what to look for, to find your best match:



How responsive are they? HOW do they respond?

How long does it take them to respond?

This is an indication of how they will do business with you. Communication is KEY in all successful partnerships. You need to know they will be there for you if you need to call them to discuss issues or if you have questions.


Understand needs and challenges

Does the agency have a clear understanding of what your challenges and pain points are?

Are they truly trying to understand your company and its needs? Or are they just giving you a generic proposal with a generic price?

Your brand is unique. The agency should be able to fully embrace that and create a unique solution for you. You will see that on the questions they ask in the discovery call.


Business ethos

Are the people that work at the agency great human beings?

What’s their way of doing business?

Do you have similar core values?

Think of the agency like it was a real person. You want to be around people that have the same values as you. You want to know you can trust them. That they will go above and beyond to create a successful project.


Deep understanding of the FULL process

What is their process of running projects like yours?

You need to fully understand what you’re signing up for and what the deliverables are going to be. What is their process for making sure your project is unique?

You should be able to fully visualize the end result and how you will get there together.


Honesty and authenticity

The agency you choose will be working on an important aspect of your business. Are they straightforward and honest with you about problems?

Are they transparent?

Are they actively listening to you to fully understand you and your needs?

Do you feel comfortable discussing this with them?
Great strategy, outstanding design, and product development require a lot of exchanging and pushing ideas, going back and forward – are they pushing and questioning your ideas?



What other brands have they worked with before?

What exactly have they done for those brands – what have been the deliverables? Can they openly share references for you to call?


Creativity, Ideas, and Strategy

In design, working with an agency that pushes creativity and innovation is important. It’s going to give your brand an edge over your competitors. The agency should be comfortable pushing ideas and solutions to create that unique product for your brand. The agency also needs to be strategic and tactical in its thinking and approach.

What unique and creative ideas have been brought up during your interaction?


Expert knowledge

Make sure that the agency has the right expertise, skills, and knowledge of the products you are trying to create. Do they have what it takes to take your products/brand to the next level?


Personal chemistry and good vibes

Did you have a good rapport during the discovery call or first meeting? It’s important to feel a mutual good rapport otherwise your partnership is going to be uncomfortable. Think long-term – business runs way smoother if you genuinely like the person you’re working with.


Project budget

Instead of coming up with a figure, think about it like this: How much is the success of this project worth to you and your business?

What are you willing to spend to reach that success? That should give you an indication of what the project should cost.


Extra questions to ask

Who’s going to be your point of contact?
How long have they been in business?


Some agencies are more expensive than others. Should you rather go with a freelancer, or find someone on Fiverr? Have a clear understanding of what your needs are, or talk to someone who can help clarify your needs and use this as a base for your search.  Our tip is to go with the agency that can best “tick off” the “boxes” from above.


Trust us, when you meet the right apparel design agency – you’ll know:)


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