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Desinder's Holistic Approach

1. Direction

2. Creation

3 . Communication

  • Collection Strategy & Range Planning Workshop
  • Apparel Business Projections
  • Purpose Brand-Building
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Foundation
  • Brand Identity
  • Design Guidelines
  • Design & Factory-Ready Package


  • Sales presentation
  • Workbook / Catalog
  • Content & Communication
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • 3D Design
1. Direction: Strategy


You need to create a precise plan forward for how to create a solid, cohesive collection that sells, strengthens your brand and market position, attracts new customers, and keeps old customers coming back for more. 

You have clear business targets, and need the entire team onboard with a new outline for a clear and strategic collection structure with structured categories.

You have many great products, and you have a fantastic brand, but somewhere along the way, the clarity of your offer has become less clear.

You need to clarify your way forward, and create a strong, optimized, and selling product range.

Based on your brand history, where the brand is now and where the brand wants to be in the near future, we'll help you come up with a new collection strategy.

We’ll go through the entire existing collection (and previous styles) to understand the current price structure and product tier setup.

We’ll go through collection price structure.

We’ll go through material structure in the collection.

We’ll go through brand positioning on the market, competitor analysis, sales channels and marketing strategies.

We’ll define collection gaps, define collection focus areas, create new collection suggestions and set clear action steps.

We'll help you create a strong, optimized, and selling product range. We’ll analyze the market, your existing range, and previous big sellers.

Creating a solid, cohesive collection that sells, strengthens your brand and market position, attracts new customers, and keeps old customers coming back for more.

We'll meet in a 1-2 day workshop at your location. The collection workshop will lead to suggested styles to fill potential gaps in the collection.  It will bring clarity to the collection structure and lead to a suggestion for the future direction of the collection. 

Creative Direction

You are struggling to make your brand stand out visually and stay relevant in a crowded market.

You lack a clear and consistent visual identity , a design language, that reflects your brand's values and vision, leading to a lack of differentiation and appeal to your target audience. 

Your brand's image has become stagnant and outdated, leading to declining sales and customer interest. 

Your product design concepts fail to excite customers, you may struggle to gain traction in the market. 

Your products fail to emotionally motivate customers to purchase them, you may miss out on sales and customer loyalty.

We’ll help you create a plan to make your brand stand out visually. Think of it like developing a cohesive style guide that tells a story about the brand's values and vision.

Having a clear creative direction will help you stay relevant and appeal to your target audience. 

By incorporating the brand's personality into a focused and seasonal direction, our creative team can keep things fresh and exciting. This involves keeping up with the latest trends, researching the market, and going shopping for inspiration.

We’ll come up with design concepts that will make people excited about your brand's products. This means keeping an eye on what's going on in the world of fashion, as well as paying attention to cultural aspects like music, food, and art. We even take into account people's attitudes towards technology!

One important aspect of creative direction is color forecasting. We use our findings to come up with color palettes that reflect the mood and attitude of tomorrow. This helps us design collections that will emotionally motivate consumers when they finally hit the shelves.

Apparel Business Projections

You need to figure out how big of an investment you need for your brand or collection.

When determining the size of an investment for your brand or collection, you face several challenges such as figuring out production costs, marketing expenses, overhead costs, and expected revenue. 

You want to accurately estimate your sample costs, production cost, your wanted margin, and FOB (cost to make the product).

You want to get a better understanding of the potential income, and potential profit depending on your target prices, production quantity, and margin.

You want to see different strategy options, look at different price and margin simulations and project how that will affect your investments in production. 

You want to know how your financial plan is affected when you change your wholesale price, retail price, and your wanted margin.

One-on-One Financial Projections Workshop, Specific For Your Brand
We’ll go through the different components needed in an apparel start-up.

We’ll go through, on a high level, the process for starting an apparel brand, and the steps included.

We’ll go through pricing strategies that will direct the overall approach to how to price apparel products.

We’ll look at different price and margin simulations and project how that will affect your investments in production.

We’ll estimate your wholesale price, retail price, and your wanted margin

We’ll help you to estimate how much it will cost to produce a specific product in different quantities, and what your profit margin will be depending on if you sell wholesale or direct to consumer. The purpose of this exercise is to help you plan your collection and to help you make strategic decisions for your business.

We’ll look at projections for an entire collection.

We’ll estimate your sample costs, production cost, your wanted margin, and FOB (cost to make product).

We’ll project potential income, and potential profit depending on your target prices, production quantity, and margin.

We’ll give you templates for Costing Sheet, Product Price Matrix, and PRP that you can use after the workshop. These can be used to make more accurate calculations for your specific business.

We’ll look at where spending your investments can have the largest impact, and where to bootstrap.

We’ll create a high level budget for the first year, giving you indication of total investment needed for brand launch.

2. CREATION: Branding & Design

Brand Foundation

Your brand doesn’t stand out enough in the market

You struggle to define a clear direction for your clothing brand

You have a clear idea of where to you are heading, but can’t pin point, clarify, and formulate the target customer, brand vision, and mission

You know most of your competitors, but must conduct a competitor analysis, to make sure your brand stands out in the market.

We’ll help your established brand to recreate a strong brand foundation for future collections, marketing communication, and sales objectives.

We help you redefine a clear direction for your clothing brand, clarify your target customer, create competitor analysis, and formulate the brand vision and mission. Based on consulting with hundreds of fashion brands we have the expertise and experience to help you refine your brand identity to position your brand as the market leader.

We’ll help you redefine your brand by nailing your:

  • Reason of being
  • Unique selling points
  • Vision & mission
  • Core values
  • Target customer
  • Brand messaging
  • Tone of voice

Brand Identity

Your brand has been around for a long time, but you don’t have a clear brand identity that works 2023

Your brand identity doesn’t feel modern, and it doesn’t feel like it is reflecting where your brand is today and whereto it is heading.

Your customers have evolved, but your brand identity hasn’t kept up.

We can update and create an impactful branding concept for internal and external usage. Telling ONE direction for both products and communication, and strengthening it through powerful branding.

We'll help you design and create your branding package, including:

  • Logo
  • Fonts
  • Colors

Design Guidelines

You want your company to have a solid design language to stay cohesive and on-brand without anybody diluting the aesthetics with time, eventually confusing the customers.

You know you need design guidelines, but haven’t had the time to create it.

Your product design changes whenever new people are involved in the team.

You struggle and spend an out-of-proportion large amount of time and resources to keep your collections cohesive, consistent, recognizable, and valuable over time.

Your design process lacks efficiency, effectiveness, and focus.

We’ll help you create a design guideline document that your team can implement to create unique products and original collections that best represent your brand.

Design guidelines is a document containing rules of thumb for designers and product developers who work with bringing a physical product to life, as well as for the marketing department. It’s a framework to be used as the starting point for their work, and it’s intended for internal use only. It’s the internal guide for creating outstanding products according to your brand’s values, goals, mission, and vision, ensuring a “red thread” is followed for all products.

It’s a descriptive document explaining in written word, with pictures and through clear instructions the set or standards that a designer and developer should stick to when designing for your brand. A clear design language is an essential part of a brand’s product, marketing, and business strategy.


The design guidelines will improve:

1. Cohesiveness

2. Consistency

3. Recognition

4. Efficiency and effectiveness

5. Focus and value


The final document includes:

  • introduction
  • characteristics of brand product
  • target customer usage areas
  • design principles
  • design language
  • brand identity guidelines on product
  • product values
  • brand workflow

Designs & Factory-Ready Package

You want to create a high-quality, well-designed product that differentiates your brand and helps you achieve your business goals.

You don’t have the  expertise, the technical skills, experience, and creativity to bring your brand vision to life in a way that is both functional and visually appealing.

You are stuck and need a fresh perspective and new ideas to your brand, helping to elevate your product and make it stand out in a competitive market.

You struggle with product quality and need help to ensure that your garments are produced to a high standard, using the right materials and techniques to achieve the desired look and feel.

Our design agency will help your vision come to life by creating products and collections that strengthen your brand DNA, voice, and consumer connection.

Our design consultants can help you design new original styles or an entire distinctive collection.

We'll deliver designs and a factory-ready package including:

  • Design concepts & Mood boards
  • Product sketches - designs
  • Tech sacks
  • Bill Of Materials
  • Measurement lists
  • Color concepts & guidelines*
  • Sourcing fabrics & sustainable materials**

The minimum level of engagement: $10 000

*Color can make or break a collection. By staying in the know with the latest trends and visiting industry fairs, we can help create contemporary color palettes and collection color concepts to strengthen your brand’s impact.

**Finding the perfect sustainable materials for your styles can be challenging. We can help you source suitable sustainable materials and trims. We choose materials and factories based on the product and end consumer needs. Our network consists of over 300 fabric suppliers worldwide with trusted partners that can deliver the highest quality for your products.

3. COMMUNICATION: Marketing & Sales


You want to create a professional, visually appealing, and engaging product catalog.

You lack of expertise in design and layout.

You have limited time and resources to create a catalog.

You find it difficult to present products effectively and creatively, as well as maintaining consistent branding.

You need to appeal to your target audience effectively.

We create exceptional product catalogs for your apparel offerings. Our experienced team designs visually appealing catalogues that align with youre brand's identity and capture the target audience's attention. We specialize in presenting products creatively through photography, image editing, and thoughtful arrangement. Consistency with the brand's elements is prioritized, and we ensure the catalogue is organized, user-friendly, and appeals to the target audience. We value customer feedback and offer revisions until the final catalogue meets your expectations.

We provide flexibility in creating both print and digital formats. We create compelling catalogs that showcase your apparel, strengthen your brand, and drive engagement and sales.



Photography / Videography / 3D DESIGN

Fashion business keynote speakers


Ana & Klas

Ana and Klas from Desinder are available for talks worldwide.

They bring together their elite athlete background, international education, traveling lifestyle, serial entrepreneurship, and 20+ years of expertise into talks about future fashion business and trends, sustainable branding, brand growth, design, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. With their deep understanding of brands, consumers, and the digital landscape, she helps businesses open up to new ideas, perspectives, and industry possibilities. 

You can book a keynote here!


Our creative agency specializes in providing expert Advisory Services tailored specifically to apparel brands like yours.

With our extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, we offer you a unique opportunity to tap into our expertise and take your brand to new heights. Our dedicated team of brand professionals will work closely with you to understand your brand’s vision, values, and target audience, providing personalized guidance that aligns with your unique identity.

From brand positioning to marketing strategy and product development, we offer a comprehensive range of strategic solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re a start-up looking to establish your brand presence or an established label seeking to expand your market reach, we have the tools and knowledge to propel you forward.

At our creative agency, we understand that each apparel brand is unique. Our Advisory Services are highly customizable, ensuring that we meet your specific goals and objectives. We are passionate about helping you succeed and committed to providing you with the best industry insights and guidance throughout your journey.

How We Start Working Together
Contact Us

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Discovery Call

We discuss your goals and discover how Desinder can best help you.​ This is not a coaching call.


Based on the discovery discussion we propose a solution including objective, deliverables, and timeline.​


We agree on the terms of the project cooperation and sign a contract.​ We use e-signatures.

Project Start

We start working together to achieve your goals.​ We follow a clear step-by-step process and use our online tool for all cooperation.


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