How To Design Quality, Durable Products – Checklist
How to design quality, durable products


Our mission at Desinder is to build purposeful brands with minimal planetary impact.

Our goal is to be the most purposeful creative agency in our industry.

That’s where designing durable and long-lasting products for our clients comes in.

We want to make fewer, better things, that customers want to keep and use for many, many years.

The physical quality of a product is one of 3 aspects of a product’s longevity – the other 2 are the emotional and psychological aspects.

Making durable garments is one of the most important aspects of people keeping the product.

At Desinder we have a checklist for designing durable products:

The need is quality, strong, durable materials, components, and construction methods to match the product purpose, for the target customer.

Pick the right fiber, pick the right strength and the right weight. Place the right fabric in the right place on the garment.

Simplify design – only keep design lines that are needed – remove everything else. Place seams where needed for fit/movement/function. Place seams away from critical areas for chafing and rubbing.

Use eco finishes like anti-stain or antimicrobial finishings

Pick the right components for the job. Pick strong, not delicate tiny components, and make sure they are exchangeable in case something breaks.

Pick the right type of seaming, right type of thread and opt for easy repair construction where possible

Do material testing before choosing a material (chemicals, flammability, color fastness, tensile, abrasion, pilling).
Do thorough human testing before putting the garment in production.

Let’s make products that last generations – not weeks.




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