Collection Structure Workshop



Collection Structure Workshop
  • Desinder is introduced to the brand (vision, mission, values and operations) to get a deep understanding on the brand story, where the brand is now and where the brand wants to be in the near future
  • plan the entire upcoming collection including structure and product tier setup
  • go through collection price structure
  • go through material structure in collection
  • competitor analysis / discussion to find unique untapped opportunities for the brand
  • definition of new styles
  • wrap-up: define collection gaps, define collection focus areas, create new collection suggestions (product range plan) and set clear action steps.


The collection workshop will bring clarity to the collection structure and lead to a suggestion for the future direction of the collection. 

Prior to the workshop, a list of things needed in the workshop will be provided, in order to be effective, efficient and focused during the workshop. Marketing, sales, design/product development, leadership to preferably attend the workshop for the best result.



We’ll contact you after the purchase, to schedule the workshop.



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