Desinder 10-Week Launchpad

From idea to brand concept reality in 10 weeks
- our start-up package has you covered
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If you’re a start-up in the apparel industry, we understand that building a successful brand can be a daunting task. That’s why our apparel business agency is here to help you with our comprehensive package, which includes everything you need to get your apparel brand off the ground.

1. Brand Foundation

At Desinder, we believe that a strong brand foundation is the key to success in the apparel industry. That’s why we work closely with our clients to establish a solid brand strategy that aligns with your vision, values, and target market. Our team of experts will help you define your brand’s:

  • Reason of Being
  • Clear market positioning
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Core Values
  • Tone of Voice
  • Target Customer
  • Unique Selling Point

2. Brand Identity

Once we’ve established your brand foundation, we’ll move on to brand identity. This will help you establish a distinctive and memorable brand that resonates with your target audience. Our talented designers will help you create these, that reflect your brand’s personality and values:

  • Logo
  • Icon/Symbol
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Graphics
  • Image Style
  • Ev graphics

3. Business Projections

We’ll work with you creating business projections to help you plan for the future. We will analyze your market, competition, and target audience to create a detailed plan for your business that includes sales forecasts, profit margins, and growth projections. This will help you make informed decisions about your business and set realistic goals for the future.

We’ll go through the different components needed in an apparel start-up.

We’ll go through, on a high level, the process for starting an apparel brand, and the steps included.

Go through pricing strategies that will direct the overall approach to how to price apparel products.

We’ll look at different price and margin simulations and project how that will affect your investments in production. We’ll estimate your wholesale price, retail price, and your wanted margin.

We’ll help you to estimate how much it will cost to produce a specific product in different quantities, and what your profit margin will be depending on if you sell wholesale or direct to consumer. The purpose of this exercise is to help you plan your collection and to help you make strategic decisions for your business. 

We’ll look at projection for an entire collection. We’ll estimate your sample costs, production cost, your wanted margin, and FOB (cost to make product). We’ll project potential income, and potential profit depending on your target prices, production quantity, and margin.

We’ll give you templates or Costing Sheet, Product Price Matrix, and PRP that you can use after the workshop. These can be used to make more accurate calculations for your specific business.

We’ll look at where spending your investments can have the largest impact, and where to bootstrap.

We’ll create a high level budget for the first year, giving you indication of total investment needed for brand launch.


Templates included:

Costing Sheet Template, Product Range Plan, Product Price Matrix, Budget Template, Competitor Analysis Template

4. Range Planning

Collection structure is also an important aspect of our package. Our team of fashion experts will help you create a cohesive collection that aligns with your brand’s identity and target market. We will work with you to create a collection that includes a range of styles, colors, and fabrics that are both on-trend and timeless.

Range planning is a crucial process for clothing brands. It involves deciding which products to offer in what quantities during a particular season or period. It helps to meet customer demand by analyzing trends and customer behavior, manage inventory levels, maximize profits, and coordinate product development. By planning the range carefully, clothing brands can avoid excess inventory, identify profitable products, and create a strong brand identity with a cohesive product offering that resonates with customers.

5. Clothing Design

We help you design your first collection. The design and factory-ready package includes a comprehensive range of benefits that will help you establish a successful apparel brand. We’ll create concept moodboard, product direction, and 3 design suggestions per style, which can be reviewed and finalized with the help of our team.

The factory-ready package includes tech packs, bill of materials, and sample size measurements, which will help streamline your production process. We’ll also provide you with coloration options and product trims and accessories designs that align with your brand identity.

We’ll give you  suggestions for sustainable materials and manufacturers, helping you to establish an eco-friendly brand that resonates with your target audience. 

The Desinder Launchpad provides you with all the necessary tools and resources to establish a successful fashion brand.


Small Collection

Up to 5 styles/designs are included. The investment for the Desinder 10-Week Launchpad with a small collection is $39,000. 


Medium Collection

Up to 10 styles/designs are included. The investment for the Desinder 10-Week Launchpad with a medium collection is $49,000. 


1 style means 1 product. Each style can have multiple color options, which gives you the opportunity to launch with a comprehensive collection for your target audience. Payment plans are available.

How it works

Why Desinder?

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve worked with hundreds of startups, and global established brands such as Salomon and Haglöfs. Our team includes the founders of the online education platform Apparel Entrepreneurship, which means we have a deep understanding of the business side of the apparel industry as well as the creative side.

But what sets us apart from other agencies is our expertise when it comes to functional apparel. We understand that clothing isn’t just about looking good; it’s also about performing well. Whether you’re designing outdoor gear, activewear, or workwear, we have the technical know-how to create garments that meet the demands of your target audience.

At Desinder, we’re passionate about helping our clients develop a strong brand identity that resonates with their target audience. We offer a range of services, from branding workshops and market research to apparel design and product development. And we’re committed to providing personalized attention and support every step of the way.

So if you’re looking for an agency that can help you create a successful apparel brand, look no further than Desinder. With our industry expertise, creative vision, and commitment to excellence, we’re the perfect partner for your brand’s journey to success.

Prototypes and productions

Prototypes, sampling, and production are not included in the Launchpad.

After the Launchpad you’ll have everything you need to start creating prototypes and move on with bulk production.

We will give you factory suggestions from our network of 500 manufacturers worldwide, and where we have established relationships we can give you introductions.

We can help you, outside the scope of the Launchpad, to product develop your styles. 

There is no obligation to continue the prototype phase with us, you can also handle it in-house.

The Process
  1. Sign-up: The first step is for you is to sign up for the Desinder Launchpad, which can be done using the form below in this page. 

  2. Onboarding meeting: After you have signed up, we’ll have an onboarding meeting with the team to discuss your goals, preferences, and requirements. This meeting will help to establish a strong working relationship between us.

  3. Project plan: Following the onboarding meeting, our team will create a project plan that outlines the scope, timeline, and deliverables of the project. You’ll get access to Desinder’s process and project tool online, that will help us keep everything on track.

  4. Branding workshops: The next step is to conduct branding workshops to help you create the brand foundation. These workshops include brainstorming sessions, visual identity exercises, and market research to identify the target audience and positioning. You will be asked to answer a range of questions in preparation for the workshops.

  5. Creating brand identity: Using the insights gathered from the branding workshops, our team will create a brand identity that captures the essence of your brand. 

  6. At the same time as the brand identity is being established, we will work with your, through a hands-on workshop, to create apparel business projections to help you make informed decisions about their business.

  7. Once the apparel business projections are complete, we will work on planning your apparel range, to create a collection that sells.

  8. The final step is to design the collection itself. Our design team will work closely with you to create unique, high-quality apparel that aligns with your brand identity and appeals to your target audience. This includes sketching designs, and creating factory-ready package.

About the brand identity

In order for us to create a brand identity, you need to have figured out your brand name before we start. If you haven’t decided your brand name yet, reach out to us and we can guide you in the process.

We recommend that you already have a trademark for your brand name before we start. In case you don’t have a trademark yet, we can still develop your brand identity. However there is a risk that your name won’t be approved, and redoing the brand identity is outside the scope of the Launchpad.

Your commitment

There will be some homework for in the form of answering questions online to prepare for the next steps.

You will need to give feedback and approval at certain milestones.

These milestones will be presented at the project start, and it’s important that you commit to these for us to accomplish the project in 10 weeks.

THe most important!

We can’t wait to get started on this creative project with you! At Desinder, we’re passionate about helping you realize your brand vision and create high-quality apparel that stands out in a crowded market.

Together, we’ll embark on an exciting journey that will take us from the brand foundation to designing a collection that reflects your unique brand identity.

With our team of experts by your side, you’ll have access to cutting-edge tools, top-notch resources, and a wealth of industry experience that will help you achieve your goals and bring your vision to life. Whether it’s through onboarding meetings, branding workshops, or step-by-step guidance, we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that this project is not only successful but also a whole lot of fun!

So let’s roll up our sleeves, flex our creative muscles, and create something truly amazing together!

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