The collection workshop will bring clarity to the collection structure, and lead to a suggestion for the future direction of the product range and brand.
  • Get rid of shelf-warmers.

  • Define collection gaps.

  • Define collection focus areas.

  • Create new collection suggestions.

Overproduction is a major contributor to fashion-related waste.


Over 80 billion new items of clothing are produced each year globally.*

Of these garments, about 30% are never sold and end up being discarded or incinerated.**


About 50% of the garments produced in the United States each year are never worn.***


The fashion industry is responsible for 92 million tonnes of textile waste going to landfills each year.
This is equivalent to the weight of 95 million cars.****


Fashion brands often produce garments in excess of demand due to inaccurate demand forecasting.
This leads to overstocking, discounts, and ultimately, unsold garments being discarded.



*Source: The State of Fashion 2022, McKinsey & Company

** Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation, “A New Textiles Economy: Roadmap to Resource-Efficient and Sustainable Textiles”

***Source: The New York Times, “The Hidden Cost of Fast Fashion”

****Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation, “Fashion Future: A Circular Vision”

Clarity Workshop

The Problem

  • You have many great products but somewhere along the way, the clarity of your offer has become cluttered/less clear.

  • There are many products in your collection that don’t sell out, leaving you with tons of inventory - overproduced goods.

  • There are products in your collection that cannibalise on each other in sales, because there are similar products, doing the “same” job in the collection.

  • The collection is all over the place leaving your customers confused to what to buy.

  • Your collection has “all the products”, leaving your team confused to what to design and create, resulting in products that have no clear purpose or need in the market.


A 2-3 day on-site workshop (depending on the collection size) where we go through your previous and existing products/collection to:

  • Find clarity in where the collection should be in terms of market.

  • Find and drop bad selling products.

  • Find products that compete with each other in the collection.

  • Create clarity in the collection with icon, core and base products in positioning, technicity and price.

  • Find gaps in the collection to be filled with new products.

  • Find new opportunities in the collection.

  • Add products that have been missing from a customer perspective.

  • Define focus areas.

  • Clarify segments, categories and activities.

All according to your sales data, customer feedback, internal feedback, brand direction and business goals.

Clarity Workshop
Clarity Workshop

The Goal

  • To have full clarity internally and externally on your entire collection.

  • That all products in your collection have a purpose and a clear positioning, without doubling on other product in the range.

  • That products have a clear positioning in the range to build the brand image, consumer awareness and grow the business.

  • We will also work on creating new segments if needed plus identify the right products for this segment.

Desinder Clarity Workshop


Before doing the Collection Clarity Workshop we missed the design connection of the collection and the purpose of some products. We wanted to have a cohesive collection with the right products and a clear design DNA.
After the workshop we created a strong vision and collection that will take us to a higher level. We are proud of the products we make and we have now the conviction that we are doing the right things.

The experience and the references made Desinder stand out, and the reason we wanted to work with them. The process of working together was clear and with fast communication.
Ana works with a very human approach and enthusiasm, listens and has a attentive interactive way.

Would highly recommend Desinder - it has opened our eyes on solutions and the speed with which everything can be solved.

Peter Juhas

Production Manager, Zajo


I was thoroughly impressed with the results of the collection workshop. Desinder provided a wealth of knowledge on how to effectively structure our collections, maximizing efficiency and profitability. The hands-on exercises and real-world examples used during the workshop were extremely beneficial, giving us practical tools to apply to our brand immediately.

I would highly recommend this workshop to any brand looking to improve their collection structure and take their business to the next level.

Jessica Hoffman

Jessica Hoffman, Fashion Group


A list of “homework tasks” will be handed out to be done prior to the workshop – to have a flying start and efficient workshop.


Prior to the workshop, a list of things needed in the workshop will be provided, in order to be effective, efficient, and focused during the workshop. 


Marketing, sales, design/product development, and leadership to preferably attend the workshop for the best result.

The 1-to-3-day (depending on collection size) workshop will be held at your location, where the entire team can be present, and all products reviewed.


The total investment: €8,000 + travel expenses.

Paid prior to the workshop.

Travel expenses will be billed separately.

We only facilitate 2 workshops per month. Workshops are prioritized in the order of booking.

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Photo credit: Peter Juhas.



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