Desinder services

Brand Strategy and Development

We’ll help you launch or reposition your brand by nailing your why, values & mission, create a clear market positioning, and strengthening it through a powerful brand identity. We can create an impactful branding package with logo, fonts, color stories, labels, hangtags and trims, visuals, and storytelling for scalable growth.


We can fine-tune your brand message by clarifying your brand story, concept, and unique selling points. Optimize your brand concept, storytelling, and brand identity to position your brand for the future. We help you define a clear direction for your brand, clarify your target customer, create competitor analysis, and formulate the brand vision and mission. Based on consulting with hundreds of fashion brands, we help you refine your brand identity to position your brand as the market leader.

Creative Direction

By analyzing your target customer, positioning, price points, competitors, value, vision, and mission, plus collection history, we can create a clear creative direction for your collection to strengthen your brand positioning. 


By doing thorough market research, we’ll see how your products will be positioned to grow your brand.  


Need help with creating design guidelines? To keep consistency in your collections year after year, it’s important to have a detailed design guideline, so your team designs products that are on brand, cohesive, and complement each other. Plus, you want to have an aesthetic that is typically your brand and can’t be confused with another. We’ll help you create a design guideline document that your team can implement and create unique products and original collections to speak your brand. 

Range Planning & Color Guidelines

We can help you create a strong, optimized, and selling product range. We’ll analyze the market, your existing range, and previous big sellers to create a solid, cohesive collection that sells, strengthens your brand and market position, attracts new customers, and keeps old customers coming back for more.  


Color can make or break a collection. By staying in the know with the latest trends and visiting industry fairs, we can help create contemporary color palettes to strengthen your collection impact.  

Design & Product Development

Our design agency will help your vision come to life by creating products and collections that strengthen your brand DNA, voice, and consumer connection.


Our design consultants can help you design new original styles or an entire distinctive collection. We will customize a project where we can help you define your unique collection & design concepts, design language, collection structure, price positioning & structure, trend and color analysis & forecasting, design, tech pack development, material & trim development, garment fitting & construction engineering, sample construction review, on-site product development, and travel with you for factory work.

Sourcing & Production

Our network consists of over 500 manufacturers and over 300 suppliers worldwide with trusted partners that can deliver the highest quality for your products.


Finding the perfect sustainable materials for your styles can be challenging, and when it comes to finding trusted, vetted ethical manufacturers, it can be even harder.  


No matter if it’s for your startup or for an existing brand and collection, we can help you source suitable sustainable materials and trims. We choose materials based on the product and end consumer needs. 


We can help you develop the products through a 2-3 series of prototypes. We’ll do the fitting and commenting of each style, manage all the lab dips and strike-offs for all materials and samples.

We’ll manage the grading and sizing of each style and handle photo samples, pre-production samples, and bulk production. All our projects are tailor-made for each brand.

Business Operations

Create a successful growth path for your brand.


Does your brand struggle to meet the sales targets, attract new and recurring customers, and increase visibility to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced world?


Without knowing your brand’s “Achilles heel,” your brand might continue to work on the wrong things – losing money, customers, and brand positioning.


Let us take a look “under the hood,” create a diagnostics of your brand and business and help you find the problems. When the problem areas are determined, we can help you create an action plan with a new strategy, systems, and goals for an agile implementation to bring your brand back on track and towards the growth it deserves.


Use Desinder’s RESULTS™ method to pinpoint your brand’s development areas, and create a strategy to maximize your business results.


Together we will work through the following points:

R – Right Foundation

E – Exponential Visibility

S – Strong Community

U – Unique Product

L – Lucrative Business Operations

T – Total Responsibility

S – Sustainable Business Strategies

Sustainability Implementation

Meet the future by implementing and strengthening your sustainability and responsibility efforts with our expertise plus a network of suppliers & manufacturers.


A clear sustainability strategy is essential for all fashion brands that want to be relevant now and in the future. We help you determine your sustainability strategy and give you the tools to position and implement it in your brand. Your strategy can start in one, but finally cover all of these parts of your business: brand values & mission, marketing, collection & design, sourcing & manufacturing, packaging, logistics, product care & afterlife, sales & communication.

Keynote Speakers

Ana & Klas bring together their elite athlete backgrounds, international educations, traveling lifestyle, serial entrepreneurship, and their combined 40+ years of expertise into talks about future fashion business and trends, sustainable branding, brand growth, design, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. With Ana & Klas’s deep understanding of brands, consumers, and the digital landscape, they help businesses open up for new ideas, perspectives, and industry possibilities. You can book Ana and Klas together or separately.

We Work In These Product Areas

Outdoor, Ski, Golf, Watersports, Workwear, Running, Cycling, Hunting, Fitness, Activewear, Sportswear, Streetwear and Urbanwear, & Equestrian

We Work With These Product Types

Jackets, Pants, Fleece and Midlayers, T-shirts and Polo shirts, Baselayers, Shirts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts, Sweaters, Tights and Compression wear, Tops and Sports Bras, Jerseys and Bib shorts, Coveralls, Hats and Caps, Gloves, Belts, Gaiters, & Socks – all activities

Our Process

We create 100% tailored solutions for brands in a wide range of segments with a variety of different product types.